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08/15/20 - Land Art Hike
Alyssa Richman is an art educator in Somerset County. She hopes to promote Schiff's mission along with the arts across New Jersey. Alyssa's art hikes will start with a long, leisurely nature walk to collect materials: twigs, stones, sticks, grass, leaves, pine cones, tree bark, and whatever else attracts your interest and will end with a beautiful creation.
This hike is inspired by Andy Goldsworthy: A world renowned British sculptor who uses natural materials that he finds outside to create contemporary sculptors. These naturally made mandalas will involve a hike and scavenger hunt for cool, biodegradable materials. We will employ radial symmetry to create of these naturally made mandalas. All artwork created will be left for other hikers to appreciate. Like Andy Goldsworthy, we will make poetry with nature, but allow nature and time to get its victory as our art succumbs to the elements. Guests are to bring their own hand clippers and gloves. Member fee is $10 each or $30/family. Non-member fee is $15 each or $45/non member family. This an all ages program, but children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Pre-registration required 24 hours in advance. Capacity is temporarily limited to 12. Social distancing and face coverings are required.
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